Faster Broadband

Internet Connectivity for Business

Gigabit Capabiltiy

Is your business ready to be boosted by gigabit capability?

As a provider of ultrafast business broadband, Albany Technology has partnered with Faster Britain to make it easier for your organisation to benefit from full fibre connectivity. Let your business thrive on a highly reliable network and future-proof your growing technology needs.

The Faster Britain network gives your business the same upload speeds as the advertised download speed - ensuring your business can relying the internet connection for calls and video.


Why choose the Faster Britain network

Faster Britain works with telecoms and technology partners to deliver ultrafast, full fibre connectivity into businesses of all sizes, from SME to Large Enterprise, across the UK. The network is building at pace and excelling in the competition for business-grade fibre infrastructure roll-out.


Designing, building and operating ultrafast networks, driven by partner and business requirements.


The best minds in the industry cooperating, innovating and bringing fibre to under-served areas across the UK.


Working with businesses, local authorities and partners to extend the Faster Britain network by utilising existing infrastructure.


A track record of connecting businesses to the network in a fraction of the time it takes some competitors.


Nobody likes disruption, that’s why impact on the environment is minimised and reuse is utilised wherever possible.